Perinatal physiotherapy

Have you just given birth and are these complaints a little too recognizable?
1. Being Constipated
2. Nocturia: getting up at night to urinate
3. Pain During Sexual Intercourse
4. A feeling of heaviness in the pelvic floor
5. Going often to the toilet for small pees
6. Difficulty holding your pee or a beak-wind
7. Feeling that your bladder is not completely empty after urinating
You can do something about it!
Talk about it. Incontinence problems are not taboo! Contact your family doctor,
gynaecologist, your midwife and your perinatal physiotherapist.
In the Allia paramedical center you can always contact Céline Van Steenweghen
(+32456043824) for physiotherapy and if you have any questions.
Together we can achieve a satisfactory result through exercises, dietary adjustments
and possible extra vitamins.
It’s never too late or too early.

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