Pediatric physiotherapy

My child is 7 months old and can’t sit up straight.
My child is 10 months old and does not crawl yet.
My child is 1 year old and cannot walk yet.
Is this serious? As a parent, it is not uncommon to ask these kinds of questions.
Rest assured, your children are being monitored by a pediatrician who, among other things, monitors their motor evolution and ensures that there are no signs of underlying pathologies that could hinder their development.
Know that every child evolves at their own pace, not all children walk at one year and it does not mean that they will be less good later on.

If you have any doubts about your child’s motor development, discuss this with your pediatrician, it may sometimes be that your child is less muscular and takes a little longer to go through the different developmental stages without it being serious.
To help this, patience, you need to give your child time. Sometimes he/she may be prescribed a few physical sessions to equalize the balance on the motor level and to provoke certain movements through different stimulations, which you can reproduce at home in the form of games.
At the Allia Center, our physiotherapist, Justine Eechaute, takes care of every little things in this situation. With various training courses in the field of motor development in toddlers, she is happy to answer all your questions.
You can contact her on 0475/93.30.61. 

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